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Our Entry Level Courses are short workshops for cyclists with little or no bike maintenance knowledge who want to increase their confidence to do basic cycle maintenance.  All students receive a Bike Skills Academy certificate.

     IMI Entry Level 3 Award : 2 days : £280
     Gears 'n' Brakes : 3 hours : £30
     Get To Know Your Bike : 2.5 hours : £25


Next course availability will be early 2017 - programme to be posted in the autumn


IMI Entry Level 3 Award : Course A

Code: IMI-EL3-02D

This 2-day accredited introduction to cycle maintenance will give you the ability and confidence to strip down, clean and replace worn parts on your bike. Ideal for anyone who wants to service their own bike

Contents include:

Diagnosing problems with a bike

Overview of workshop tools and workshop setup

Tyres and inner tubes: installation, removal and repairing

Fitting, removing, getting the right length, cleaning, lubrication of chains

Removing and fitting rear sprocket and bottom bracket

Installing and removing pedals and crank arms

Fitting, indexing and adjusting front and rear derailleurs

Bike lubricants and cleaners | Removing chain rings

Headset servicing

Brake systems

4 places per course | £280 | 2 days
Dates: To be advised

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Gears ‘n’ Brakes : Course F

Code: BSA-GAB-03H
This half-day course will give you the skills and confidence to ensure your gears and brakes are working, replace brakes, and tune your derailleurs.
Ideal for pre-ride prepping and tuning and servicing your own bike.

Contents include:

Clean and lubricate your bike

Diagnose problems with your bike

Check your bike is in good working order

Adjust your brakes / Fit different types of brakes

Check your brakes for wear / Replace your brake pads

Clean your derailleurs / Check your derailleurs for wear

Identify different types of front and rear derailleurs

Adjust and index front and rear derailleurs

Fit new front and rear derailleurs

4 places per course | £30 | 3 hours
Dates: To be advised

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Get To Know Your Bike : Course E

Code: BSA-KYB-03H
In this half-day course you will go through how to keep your
bike running, identify problems, and do basic maintenance. Great for the confidence and skills to keep your bike - and your family’s - on the road

Contents include:

Check your bike is in good working order

Identify and correct basic faults

Fix a puncture

Adjust your brakes

Clean and lubricate your bike

Remove and replace wheels

Use your brakes and gears effectively

Improve your riding position

4 places per course | £25 | 2.5 hours
Dates: To be advised

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4 left in stock!

Course Testimonials

Excellent experience - doubled, at least, my understanding of how the brakes and gears on my bike work and what I can do myself to keep them working well.

Very clear demonstrations with lots of time to ask questions and take on new information.

The trainer was very knowledgeable with a relaxed friendly manner that made questions easy to ask, with full and understandable answers.

Really felt like I know a lot more at the end of the course than I did at the beginning.

A warm welcome on entering the facilities was very much appreciated.

The quality of the trainer was excellent, he covered the course contents that I was expecting and then expanded on the detail and wider bike maintenance to cover the questions that were being raised.
I would highly recommend this course for those with limited or no experience of the content.
Perfect for my level of knowledge.  Very clear instruction. Nice friendly place.