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Tel: 01 666 500 880
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ACCOMMODATION : Where do I stay?
Although our insurance cover does not permit us to have people sleeping on the premises, some local B&Bs offer preferential rates for people training with us.
When you contact one of these listed accommodation providers, mention the Bike Skills Academy!
Our Accommodation page also has links to websites where you can find a hotel, B&B, camp/caravan site or self-catering property.
The latter options links to airbnb offering a variety of accommodation, some relatively low cost, in Tetbury and - a short journey away - Stroud, Nailsworth or Cirencester.

IMI qualifications are recognised both nationally and internationally.
The qualifications are Vocationally Recognised Qualifications measured against National Occupational Standards and the content of the courses is set and measured against these standards.
The qualifications are recognised within the professional bike industry and are equivalent to other maintenance qualifications.
IMI qualifications are based on practical competence and ability to ‘do’ rather than being just theoretical.

BIKES : Can I work on my own bike when I do the course?
For most of the course trainees learn on standard training bikes, all of the same
componentry to develop familiarity.
However on longer, accredited, programmes we encourage people to bring their own bike so that at the end of the training they can consolidate their learning and demonstrate competence by stripping down and
rebuilding their bike.
Please note that the Bike Skills Academy accepts no liability for damage or loss to trainees’ bikes while on our premises including our parking area.

BOOKING : What happens next?
Once you have decided which course to do, perhaps after speaking with our Trainer about your learning objectives, and booked your place with us, you will receive a confirmation by email.
Shortly before your course begins you will receive by email your Course Joining Instructions.
These will include details of dates, times and addresses together with nearby accommodation options you might like to consider. There will be supplementary information about your course and also a section covering your personal details.
Please print and complete the section of the form relating to your personal details and bring it with you on the day.
Other than that, simply turn up on the first day!

CANCELLATION : What if I have to cancel, or leave part way through?
Please refer to our cancellation policy.

CLOTHES : What do I wear?
We recommend that you wear comfortable casual clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.
Also comfortable shoes are a good idea as you will be on your feet a lot!
You will be provided with a protective apron during the course.
In cold weather we recommend that you wear some warm clothing as the Academy is within a large industrial unit and can be quite chilly.

EXPERIENCE : What experience do I need to attend a course?
For each course we have summarised the content which is covered. This will guide you as to its suitability. If you are at all unsure or in doubt give us a call to chat about your previous experience and learning objectives.

FOOD : Is food provided?
There is a well stocked Tea Shed’ on the premises where you can help yourself to a range of teas and coffee, heat food, and store food in our fridge.
We have a Meeting Room where you can eat food you purchase, however we do not provide food during the courses.
There is a Tesco supermarket nearby where you can buy sandwiches and snacks.
Please note that no food is allowed in the training area for health and safety reasons.

JOLE RIDER : What is it?
By doing your training course at the Bike Skills Academy you’re supporting JOLE RIDER, a charity whose base is The Bike Shed, the building where the Academy is.
JOLE RIDER run the Bikes4Africa programme, which helps African children get an education by providing bikes to schools.
JOLE RIDER has delivered nearly 14,000 bikes to African schools so far
Each bike changes the life of the child that rides it to school - and as many as 9 other children!
Only 100 children at each school get a bike - the others work and study harder in the hope they, too, will get a bike.
We look forward to delivering a lot more bikes to more schools in Africa so that even more children can reach their education!

Our programme model involves setting up a Bike Skills Academy in our Bikes4Africa destination countries.

Local people become trained as mechanics at the Bike Skills Academies.

Equipped with a full set of tools, as JOLE RIDER engineers they repair bikes for schools and also for people in their communities.

So, by training at the Academy here, you’ll be supporting an Academy in Africa!


PARKING : Do you have parking on site?
We have a large parking area.
Please note that the Bike Skills Academy accepts no liability relating to vehicles belonging to trainees or the contents of such vehicles.

PAYMENT : When do I pay for my training course?
Courses under 5 days and longer courses less than 4 months ahead: full payment when you book.
5 day+ course: if it’s 4 months or more ahead, just pay a deposit.
We’ll invoice you for the balance 8 weeks before the course.

QUALIFICATIONS : What are they?
All our courses are certificated, however our professionally based courses are specifically tailored to meet the exacting standards of the bicycle industry.
These courses are designed by our partner and awarding body, IMI.
IMI award industry recognised certificates to trainees who pass all the tests and assessments associated with their course.
Their certificates are recognised as evidence of competency.

Our general awareness and basic skills training courses, designed and certificated by BSA, indicate solely that a trainee has attended their course. There are no tests or assessments involved and the BSA certificate is NOT evidence of competency.

QUALIFICATIONS : Can I do a course but without the testing and assessments?
Where a formal qualification is not required, we can offer a professionally based course but without formal testing, assessments or formal qualifications.
These courses are not offered as standard; they carry a BSA certificate ONLY and cost slightly less.

SPECIALIST TRAINING : Do you offer this?
Over time we will expand our range of training courses to include more specialist areas. Meanwhile, if you are looking for training that is more specialised, talk to us – we may well be able to help!
We offer private tuition in some specialist areas and for people who want to really focus
on one single aspect of bike maintenance. This is charged at an hourly rate, with
any parts which need to be sourced charged at cost, and we fit these sessions around  our main Training Schedule.

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Course Testimonials

Excellent experience - doubled, at least, my understanding of how the brakes and gears on my bike work and what I can do myself to keep them working well.

Very clear demonstrations with lots of time to ask questions and take on new information.

The trainer was very knowledgeable with a relaxed friendly manner that made questions easy to ask, with full and understandable answers.

Really felt like I know a lot more at the end of the course than I did at the beginning.

A warm welcome on entering the facilities was very much appreciated.

The quality of the trainer was excellent, he covered the course contents that I was expecting and then expanded on the detail and wider bike maintenance to cover the questions that were being raised.
I would highly recommend this course for those with limited or no experience of the content.
Perfect for my level of knowledge.  Very clear instruction. Nice friendly place.